Comic 258 - Home Is Where You Hang Yourself

January 20, 2016
Home Is Where You Hang Yourself
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Author Notes:

Ahkos 20th Jan 2016, 2:49 AM edit delete
So that's it! Technically Thursday, the 21st, is the three year anniversary but it's Whomp Wednesday and that's what really counts.

As I mentioned before, A Happier Kind Of Sad is going on a hiatus for a little while. I've got a comic for Leap Day that I'm fairly excited for, so don't forget to check back on February 29th at midnight CST!

Thank you all so much for reading, this comic has always been incredibly close to my heart, it's the practically a journal of my travels through the roller coaster ride that is my depression. As I said a few weeks ago, it's not beat, but it's not the kind of depression that feeds the comic well enough to keep it going so it's gonna hibernate until the Spring Of Our Discontent emerges.

To be honest part of me hopes never to come back here, but you never forget your first love and I don't really expect to not be depressed in the way this comic is inspired by again. I maybe be back in a few weeks, I may be back in a few months. Either way, it's been real. It's been good. It's been fun.

"Thank you for letting me share my nightmare with y'all."
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